First Cambridge Area Economics and Computation Day


Friday November 18, 2011

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Poster session

Giorgos Zervas
Daily Deals: Prediction, Social Diffusion, and Reputational Ramifications
Hu Fu
Conditional Equilibrium Outcomes via Ascending Price Processes
Jens Witkowski
Peer prediction without common priors
Ozan Candogan
Optimal Pricing in Networks with Externalities
Umang Bhaskar
A Stackelberg Strategy for Routing Flow over Time
Victor Shnayder
Linking Decisions with Correlated Types
Alice Gao
Appealing Manipulations are Less Harmful: Strategic Behavior and Information Loss in Prediction Markets
Brendan Lucier
On the Impossibility of Black-Box Transformations in Mechanism Design
Joel Oren
Truthful Mechanisms for Competing Submodular Processes
John Lai
Payment Rules for Combinatorial Auctions via Structural SVMs
Julian TszKin Chan
Estimating peer effects on academic performance through an endogenous network: Evidence from a student network survey in Hong Kong.
Luyi Gui
An Analysis on the Robustness of a Capacity Exchange Mechanism in Multicommodity Networks under Demand Uncertainty
Lirong Xia
Equilibrium Refinement and Pure Price of Anarchy of Sequential Second-Price Combinatorial Auctions
Emily Shen
Complexity of Computing the Margin of Victory for Various Voting Rules
Matt Nicklay
Designing Empirical Industrial Organization Research on Internet Markets Using Python
Yiftach Nagar
Making Business Predictions by Combining Human and Machine Intelligence in Prediction Markets

CAEC Sponsors

We thank Microsoft Research New England and MIT LFE for their kind sponsorship of this event.

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